Tres Mundos Artistry

Original Art & Jewelry by Artist~Designer Janice Hernandez

My Art: After earning my Bachelor of Fine Art at Kutztown University, Pennsylvania, I explored a variety of mediums with a focus on wildlife, portraiture and symbolic still life. While proficient in a wide range of styles, I always favored realism and welcomed the challenge of rendering fine detail. I particularly enjoy working in the traditional method of the Renaissance Masters in which layers of transparent color “glazes” applied over a detailed under-painting yield rich, luminous colors that seem to bring the subject to life right before your eyes!

My Jewelry: My jewelry designs reflect a marriage of elegance and whimsy, featuring an eclectic mix of contemporary, vintage, and antique components from around the world and reflecting my love of bright colors, fabulous textures, the whimsical, the wild and all things vintage. I consider each piece a work of art and use the same design skills as I do for my paintings. With attention to detail, color, texture and balance I carefully select each component to support my chosen theme, then artfully combine them into a stunning and unique piece of wearable art.

My Vintage: I’ve had a passion for antique and vintage things since adolescence and enjoy incorporating these into my art and jewelry. I find fashion particularly intriguing as it reveals so much about the people of each era. Some vintage fashions, have such a wealth of textures, colors, patterns, embroidery, lace and buttons that they are too precious to let go… regardless of how tattered. So, I enjoy giving them a new life by “re-purposing” them into unique new hand-crafted fashion item.

My Inspiration: I find inspiration in the lush Northeastern forests, gardens and vast ocean beaches I recall from my youth; the colorful cultures of the American Southwest; the subtle beauty and amazing wildlife of the Arizona-Sonora Desert which I now call home; and the many other cultures and ecosystems around the globe which I admire from afar.

My Story: My husband and I grew-up in two different worlds. While my youth was spent exploring the wooded farmland of the Northeastern United States on horseback, collecting Breyer Horses and antique bottles, teaching myself guitar, singing folk songs and turning out a wide assortment of arts & crafts, he was enjoying homemade tortillas, Mariachi music, family fiestas and the ancient cultural heritage of Mexico. But we shared some common threads even then; a love of nature, art, music…and American Television. Ultimately, God saw fit to bring these two soul-mates together from opposite ends of a continent to live happily ever after in the warm and whimsical world of nostalgia!  Thus “Tres Mundos”: Spanish for “Three Worlds”.

This is me sitting on an awesome ant sculpture in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

My art studio right after it was first built (the tidiest it’s ever been. It’s a quite a bit more cluttered now).  Can you guess my favorite colors?

Another View of my studio looking toward the bright bay window.  Lots of great Arizona sunlight!

My hubby with my baby, “Cachita”.  She runs the household!