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About Me

My Mission: to contribute beauty to the world and help others to have fun doing the same!

My Early Years: My childhood years were filled with creative activity.  Initially marketing my craft work on the grade school playground, I later went on to sell at arts & crafts fairs.  Since obtaining my Bachelor o Fine Art degree at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, I have focused primarily on wildlife art, symbolic still life, and jewelry design. 

My Inspiration: Today I find inspiration in the colorful cultures of the American Southwest and subtle beauty of the Arizona-Sonora Desert, which I now call home, as well as the many cultures and ecosystems around the globe which I admire from afar.  I also have a passion for things antique or vintage, and enjoy incorporating these into my work at times.

My Designs: I describe my style as “a marriage of elegance and whimsy”, often placing aged and rustic components alongside magnificent vintage crystals.  With the same artistic skills I use for my paintings, I carefully select each component to support my chosen theme and combine them into a stunning and unique piece of wearable art.

My World Today: When not in my studio, I enjoy playing guitar and mandolin, singing, writing songs, singing in church with my husband, Jesús, and performing in whimsical costumes in our lively bilingual band “Alegrate!” (images below). While the road hasn’t always been a smooth one, I am happy to have a life filled with faith, humor, music and art.  Who could ask for more?

About My Shop

“Tres Mundos” Spanish for “Three Worlds”.  My husband and I grew up in two different worlds. While I was exploring the woods and farmland of Northern New Jersey on horseback, collecting antique bottles, teaching myself the guitar, singing folk songs and turning out a wide assortment of arts & crafts, he was enjoying homemade tortillas, Mariachi music, family fiestas and the ancient cultural heritage of Mexico.  But we shared some common threads even then: a love of nature, art, music… and classic American Television!  Ultimately God saw fit to bring these two soul-mates together from opposite ends of a continent to live happily ever after in the warm and whimsical world of art, music and nostalgia

In full dress, with my husband, for our band’s “Dia de Los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) celebration where participants make themselves up as lively skeletons in honor and memory of their departed loved ones.

In Santa Fe resting on an awesome giant bronze ant by sculptor, Susan Cochran.   Her website says she began bronze casting in 2001 when she was already 60 years old!  It’s never too late to start doing what you love!”

More “cosplay” (dressing-up in costume) for our band’s gigs.  So much fun!  Who said we have to grow up?  You can hear our music at or YouTube.

My studio after it was first built.  It’s quite a bit more cluttered now!  Can you guess my favorite colors?

When people ask me “what do you collect?” I reply “everything!”  This is one of my more recent collections of vintage and antique purses adorning a lovely antique Victorian bureau.

My husband Jesús with the real Head of the Household, “Cachita!” (shhhhh…at least she thinks she is).  Please excuse the 70’s orange carpet.  It came with the house.  Since it was in great shape, and actually quite cheerful, we lived with it for about 15 years, but it’s since been replaced with more dignified tile.

We also adopted a Xoloiztquintle (Mexican Hairless Dog like Dante in the movie “Coco”) from the Humane Society.  He was found as a stray in the desert, with his skin in horrible condition… poor guy!  Since they are an ancient breed considered sacred to the Aztecs, Jesús wanted to give him a respectful Aztec name… so we named him “Chipotle”!  He is so embarrassed to be seen in his undignified Christmas Caroling costume!

Christmas Caroling at a local outdoor mall. Here in Tucson, Arizona the weather is gorgeous this time of year!  We have to remember that during the extreme summer heat!!


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