About Me

Growing up in a small semi-rural town in Northern     New Jersey, I had a passion for four things: Art, Antiques, Music and Wildlife. My days were full of creative activity as I explored nearly every medium available to me.

I began exhibiting, winning awards and selling my work in my teens. Upon graduation from high school I received a fine art scholarship and enrolled in Kutztown State University in Pennsylvania as a fine art major.

After earning my Bachelor of Fine Art degree, I focused on Wildlife Painting, Portraiture and Symbolic Still Life and sales of my work provided much needed income.

Today, I find inspiration in the colorful cultures of the American Southwest and the subtle beauty of the Arizona-Sonora desert, which I now call home.  I still enjoy working in a variety of mediums as I make art, jewelry and up-cycled fashions featuring my love of bright colors, sumptuous textures, and all things vintage.

When not in my studio, I enjoy writing poetry and songs, singing and playing guitar and mandolin, both with my husband and in our band, “Alegrate!” (meaning “Rejoice” in Spanish), because “every day we wake up breathing is a reason to rejoice!”

 About Our Name: “Tres Mundos” (Spanish for “Three Worlds”)

We grew-up in two different worlds, my husband and I.  While my youth was spent exploring the wooded farmland of the Northeastern United States on horseback, collecting Breyer Horses and antique bottles, teaching myself guitar, singing folk songs and turning out a wide assortment of arts & crafts, he was enjoying homemade tortillas, Mariachi music, family fiestas and the ancient cultural heritage of Mexico. But we shared some common threads even then; a love of nature, art, music…and American Television!  Ultimately, God saw fit to bring these two soul-mates together from opposite ends of a continent to live happily ever after in the warm and whimsical world of nostalgia!

All dressed up for our performances of our band, "Alegrate!"

About My Current Body of Work: “Urban Wildlife” Series

We often think of wildlife as something far removed from our everyday lives, but this is a misconception. While the settings may be my own, the subjects of these paintings are all species we can observe in and around our neighborhoods. By placing them in urban settings, rather than their typical wilderness habitat, I bring attention to the many species with which we are privileged to share our communities and express my conviction that, with appropriate respect for their individual natures (eg. not leaving our small pets unattended outside etc.) it is possible for us to live peaceably with these magnificent, and sometimes amusing, creatures.


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